Men Of Valor Christian Gamers

About/Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Men Of Valor?
A: Men Of Valor is a group of Christians who play Steam games (Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2, etc.). as well as XBOX 360 games. The group was started in the hopes that we would be able to:

1: Have a Team Fortress 2 server
2:Be able to chat with our friends
3:Win souls to the Kingdom of God

Q: Who is behind all this?/Who are you?
A: I am Lucas. I am a Christian who started playing Steam games in June 2009. Since then, I have felt led to start this group, and to use the internet as a ministry.  The blog was started in the hopes that I can post news about the group, and maybe talk about some of what's going on in my life (I might just start a personal blog for myself though).

Q: How do I get into Men Of Valor?
A: Well... The group is made up of people I know in real life, so that would be a requirement. Someday I might open it up to all believers in Christ, but for now it's just for my friends and me.